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Why Join a Twenty Group?

In today’s BHPH industry, joining a Twenty Group can offer opportunities for you to run a better business. Whether you are a dealer who is struggling or prospering, joining a Twenty Group can only make you better. Not only do you get support from fellow members but you also get great ideas that you can carry back with you to your dealership. Once you are a member of a Twenty Group, you will receive encouragement and ideas to enhance your business to become stronger and healthier and you will also receive feedback on your progress.


One of the requirements in becoming a Twenty Group member entails that you submit accurate monthly operating results so that these results may be used to create statistical data. Generally, scrambling to submit monthly financial reports on a monthly basis can not only take extra effort but can also be time consuming. However, if you are currently using Deal Pack Pro, that hassle can be alleviated. Deal Pack Pro offers you several different reports including a Leedom report and Dealer Performance report. These reports include all the required information that you would need to submit to your Twenty Group. So go ahead and take that initiative to build a network of dealers and enhance your business. All the resources you need are right in front you!

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