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What is Subprime Analytics?

Are you concerned about the way you’re doing business? Would you like to know exactly how profitable you are? Are you interested in learning your weaknesses and how to minimize your risk? Well, the subprime analytics reports will do just that.

The subprime analytics reports were designed so that you may submit your portfolio data to be analyzed, evaluated, and critiqued to improve your business structure. As industry costs are rising, it’s very important that you are minimizing your mistakes and maximizing your profit.


The subprime analytics reports provide performance metrics to investors for investment purposes, increasing your ability to raise capital. The reports will provide the investors with the data they need to determine your profit and where it is coming from. Analysts are able to “zoom” into your portfolio data and critique your underwriting process. They will analyze the vehicles you are selling, and the customers who are buying them. This information will be screened for data entry errors that may cause problems with your customers in the future. The analysts will provide you with loss trends which allow you to predict your future losses, cash flow, and profits. You can use the feedback to create your own credit scoring model within Deal Pack Pro.


Overall, the subprime analytics reports will allow you to create your own scorecard and determine what is working for your business. You will learn from your mistakes and learn how to take corrective action to not repeat them.


If this sounds like something you’re interested in getting started with, call into our Support Staff at (800) 526-5832 to learn more.

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