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Tips on GPS Device tracking for Dealers

posted on: December-10-2013
by: Amir Dabiri
category: Tips

With today’s world and the economy, it’s important for dealers to know where their cars are at any given time. I cannot stress enough the importance of a GPS device. With all the companies out there providing devices, the cost of a GPS device ranges from $79 to $189. That is nothing compared to the value of your collateral.  On an average loan it will cost you less than a dollar a day to protect your vehicle.  Imagine knowing every week or every night exactly where your car is located. One of the things I always tell my customers is its best the first week every night to go ahead and ping a locate. Why, you may ask?

During the first week a customer will likely go to friends’ houses and show off their car or go out to local hang outs, which is information that can really help down the road, if you need to locate the customer.  Preferred Ping times during the first week are as follows, in my opinion:


10:30 AM

6:30 PM

7:30 PM

8:30 PM


3:30 AM


The reason I recommend the above times is in the morning they should be up and wandering around if NOT at work and the evening times we will know where they go eat dinner. Midnight you will see if they are at home or at a local bar and well at 3:30 most nights they will be home in bed.


Another very important tip I would recommend is to make sure you purchase a device that has some kind of battery backup. Don’t be fooled into thinking a cheap device is a better value. Make sure that your collateral is safe so if your customer unplugs the device, you will be notified ASAP as well as giving you up to 24 hours to still track the car.

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