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Times are changing: List your inventory online or fall behind

The process of purchasing vehicles has changed dramatically. We are no longer in the era of posting huge ads in the phone book or posting signs on billboards to get consumers attention. For all we know, even word of mouth no longer plays a big role when it comes to purchasing vehicles. We are currently in the era of technology, the era of online advertisements, and the era of online purchases. It doesn’t make sense anymore to drive from lot to lot trying to find that one Mercedes that you want. What does make sense, is going online and doing research on the vehicle you want, and then heading straight to that one dealer who has what you are looking for. Consumers would rather do hours of research online than drive around town getting stuck in traffic and wasting gas. As a dealer, it is your responsibility to keep up with market changes, if you want to remain profitable. If you don’t keep your inventory current on your website and other 3rd party websites, you are losing out on sales. If your customers feel like it was convenient to purchase a vehicle from you, they will return. So dealers keep in mind that the new generation has changed the world of purchasing and will continue to change it. You don’t want to get left behind.

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