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posted on: February-04-2014
by: Scott Hackett
category: Service

Usually when one owns a car dealership, a service department is an integral part to the sales and success of the company. Fortunately, Deal Pack has the one stop shop where service, sales and even the finance company come together to create one or many unique companies each adding their own value to the company.  Using Deal Pack’s service department will allow you to repair internal vehicles existing on the lot, repair outside individual’s personal vehicles, complete warranty work on existing customers, and sell the parts themselves to customers.

One of the unique features of Deal Pack allows repairs to be done to vehicles in inventory without having to enter any of the vehicle’s information. All the information is imported into the service department at the time of repair then imported back to the sales company when completed.  While in process, the sales department updates with the progress in service and the service department updates with the progress in sales.  When the work is completed all the repair costs are added to the vehicles making all the necessary journal entries without having to think twice.  All the sales people have to worry about is making the sale.  This eliminates the need for supervisors having to go back and forth between the two entities keeping track of the who, what, when and where.  When the service writers aren’t working on internal vehicles, they are working on outside individual’s vehicles.
When repairing outside individual’s vehicles, Deal Pack recognizes two main types of work orders. The first is where the customer is paying for their repairs.  Deal Pack keeps track of customers, the number of times the customer has visited the service department, and payments made by that customer.  The other type of outside customer work has to do with warranty work on vehicles and internal sales customers.  If a customer purchases a vehicle from the sales company and purchases a service contract with it, Deal Pack has the ability to apply warranty work to a vehicle, absorbing the costs. If they don’t get a service contract then work can be done on same customer and either apply it to the customer’s account as an other charge in sales or remain on the customer’s account in the service department. There is full flexibility in who takes the customer’s payment and how much is expected from the customer. This means the sales company can take payments and track the customer through the sale’s collections module or the service department can take payment eliminating the sales department from having to track the customer.  If sales are booming and you find that customers are not only showing up to get repairs but are also trying to buy the parts themselves, you may find you want to start holding inventory for parts.

Deal Pack has the ability to not only hold inventory but also sell them to individuals and other companies. When adding the parts into inventory, the parts can be split into different categories allowing them to be sold at different rates. This means if a single individual is purchasing a part the part is listed the MSRP but if a company is purchasing a list of parts then the parts can be sold at a wholesale rate.  This allows maximum flexibility in selling parts and keeping inventory in order.  If you are interested in improving your inventory tracking and repairs or if you feel like adding a service department to your company then Deal Pack may be the software for you.  Check it out today or give our friendly support staff a call at (800) 526-5832.

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