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Putting the Customer in the Right Vehicle at the Right Price

It’s very important to know your prospective customers and help them find a car they can afford. There are features available within Deal Pack Pro that help you put your customers in the right vehicle at the right price and keep them in their cars making their payments. Below is a brief overview of these features and when used together they will help any BHPH dealer make the most out of their software.


Credit App

If underwriting is handled properly on each deal, collecting payments will be easier. Careful decisions should be made upfront. A best practice would be to require a credit application from all of your customers. You could build custom scoring modules within Deal Pack Pro, which would be used to apply a score and a respective grade to all applicants after the necessary information is entered. Deal Pack Pro is also integrated with e-CBI, which will allow you to pull a customer’s credit report from any of the three credit bureaus.


Match Payment to Vehicle

The Match Payment to Vehicle tool can be used to locate inventory that will fit your customer’s budget. You can build a report of units in your inventory after entering a specific sales price or monthly payment. The Quick Quote tab may also be used to negotiate a payment schedule that best fits the customer’s needs.


Customer Service

Providing your customers with multiple ways to pay such as online payments, recurring credit card payments, or recurring ACH payments makes paying on time easier. Deal Pack Pro offers each of these services as well as a way to track these payments and import them into the system at the click of a button.


Collections Module

The collections module allows you to monitor your accounts and label them accordingly, allowing an unlimited number of tags which can be used to build your queues. This module provides the information needed for collectors to make a quick response, should a customer fall behind.

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