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Location Matters

Is your dealership in a rural or urban location?  What types of vehicles are your customers looking for?  What are your best-selling units?  What is your areas best-selling units?


These questions can make or break a dealership in this industry.  Without knowing who your customers are or what they are looking for, you put yourself at a tremendous disadvantage when compared to your competition.  Knowing what customers are looking for will allow you to stock the correct inventory to build foot traffic which we all know results in sales.  If you don’t have the cars, customers will not come to you.


There is a marked difference between the units that sell in one part of the country compared to another.  In 2013, the best-selling car in Florida was a Toyota Camry while in Oregon, it was a Ford F-Series Truck and in Maine it was a Chevrolet Silverado.


Through our Book-It-Out program, an additional feature gives you access to the Top 10 Fastest Selling Vehicles, Top 10 Most Bought Vehicles and Top 10 Vehicles with the Most Gross Profit by Zip Code and date range.  This allows you to stay up to date with your inventory needs.


Please reach out to a Deal Pack Pro Account Specialist to see this feature in action.  We can be reached toll-free at 1-800-526-5832 or by email using

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