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How do I really know if a car was in an accident?

How does one know if the vehicle they are purchasing is a reliable driving machine?  Originally, vehicles were purchased based on the full faith and credit of the seller. If that wasn’t enough, then one may look up the vehicle history report. The only problem lies in the credibility of these reports. If an accident isn’t reported, then the history report isn’t very useful. Fortunately, in today’s modern age, there is an alternative way one can obtain an accurate history of a vehicle. The best way to gain an accurate listing of vehicle history is from the vehicle itself, using the crash data retrieval (CDR) tool from Bosch.

Crash data retrieval is a new way to get a report of the vehicles accident history. All one has to do is plug the device into the diagnostic link connector located in most vehicles today and run the tool. Information is taken from the event data recorder (EDR). The CDR creates a PDF report containing the conditions leading up to the accident and the accident itself.  EDR data can be stored in the vehicle’s airbag control module, powertrain control module, and/or the rollover sensor module. These modules store information such as unexpected changes in direction, speed, and/or rotations. This information is transmitted to the CDR and an image of the vehicle is created. This allows the dealer to be more confident in their purchases and allows them to assure the customers that they are purchasing a vehicle with minimum defects.

The information gained by the CDR allows the dealership to make strategic decisions involving vehicle purchases. Using Deal Pack’s digital loan jacket, the PDF created by the CDR may be assigned to the vehicle in inventory before the sale or to the customer’s account after the sale. This creates an organized system of reports that will increase vehicle sales while keeping all the information linked, current, and only a button click away. If organization is what you desire, give us a call at 1-800-526-5832.

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