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How can social media increase my exposure?

posted on: December-17-2013
by: Scott Hackett
category: Tips

A common understanding between most BHPH dealerships is the need to establish lifelong relationships with their customers.  In order to do this the customers need to believe that the dealer is not just there to sell cars but look out for the customer’s best interests.  One way to do this is to take advantage of the social media.  Social media offer many different advantages.  One of these advantages includes advertising at very little or no cost.  In today’s world, one can create a website on a plethora of different platforms.  Among the most popular, include Facebook and Twitter. The use of these sites allows customers to state their view on the products, respond to a promotion, and to communicate each other about the products and services.  This will hopefully, expand the word of mouth about the dealership in a positive manner.  Usually, this means the dealership will have to interact with the customers on a regular basis.  This does not have to be time consuming.


When the dealership makes the interaction with the customers, it is important to keep it concise while splitting up the type of interactions.  One small part of the interaction should be the selling of cars.  If the customers understand that you are a dealership, they will know you are trying to sell vehicles.  Another part of the interaction would be educating the customers on information that is applicable to them.  Lastly, the dealership will want to promote other businesses around them. This will show the customers that you are not just there to sell cars but you are active in your community and looking to fill needs.


Many of these interactions take place on smartphone and tablet applications.  This keeps information at your fingertips.  It would also be helpful if your company were at your fingertips as well.  Fortunately, Deal Pack offers an application to view the performance of your dealership as you make your daily Facebook posts.  Give us a call if you wish to have a dealership for the future! (800) 526-5832

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