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How Can I Run a Paperless Dealership?

Having the latest and greatest technology is a MUST when selling cars. Show your customers that you are up to date in today’s technological world by having all the convenient tools to better assist them. Deal Pack Pro offers several features that can help you achieve this goal.


We are now offering E-Signatures. Instead of having to print out the contract, have the customer sign the contract, then make copies of the contract, your customers have the ability to conveniently sign a signature pad that will populate directly onto the contract in Deal Pack Pro. The only thing left for you to do is print the customer a copy. You may be thinking, “Well I would still have to print out a copy to file in my own records right?” Wrong. Deal Pack Pro also offers a Digital Loan Jacket feature which allows you to save PDF documents in a file on your computer, save the documents to specific customers in Deal Pack Pro, and then pull those documents back up at any time. You may be a dealer who is used to handling these day to day procedures the old fashioned way, but staying up to date not only proves to your customers that you are indeed up to par, but can also help you run your business more efficiently.

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