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Going paperless starts with DocuSign!

Does your dealership want to start becoming paperless because they are concerned about “going green”? Does your dealership want to get rid of those paper documents to clear up some closet space? Well, DocuSign might just be the easiest, most affordable way to begin going paperless in your business. It allows your dealership to send documents for electronic signatures with the ability to immediately save them in Deal Pack Pro through our Digital Loan Jacket (DLJ) feature.

The DocuSign advantages lead with the convenience factor. It may come in many forms such as the ability to electronically sign the document from an iPad or other tablet. This diminishes the hassle of printing out a document and having your customers manually sign them. This could accelerate the sales cycle of your dealership by decreasing the time it takes to prepare a document. Consecutively, DocuSign could possibly help reduce printing, paper and storage costs which for some dealerships could weigh heavy since going paperless is a fairly new trend.

DocuSign is in “real-time status” meaning as soon as a document is signed, it is saved automatically and securely through their website. This enhances the accessibility and auditing trail of documents by allowing the documents to be viewed anywhere, any time, on any device. So if your dealership is ready to begin the move to becoming paperless, Deal Pack Pro is sending an invitation to view our online tutorial and call into our Support Staff with any questions you might have!

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