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Florida Auto Repair Estimate Requirements

Under Florida Statute 559.905, Auto Repair shops are required to provide customers with a written motor vehicle repair estimate if the final bill will exceed $100.00. This written estimate is to be given to the customer before any diagnostic work or repair is done. There are certain criteria that must be included on the estimate as well, such as the date and time of the written repair order, proposed work completion date, and a statement as to whether the customer is being charged according to a flat rate or an hourly rate among many others. The estimate can be postponed until after the diagnostic work is done if the customer leaves the vehicle at the auto repair shop during non-business hours or if the repair shop or another person must deliver the car. Once the diagnostic is complete, the auto repair shop must notify the customer and the estimate will be given to them at that time. The only time that the estimate must be conveyed to the customer is if the repair shop agrees to perform the requested repair; if they do not, than a written estimate is not required.

Deal Pack Pro offers this written estimate requirement as part of our Service and Parts module if your company has operations in Florida. One of our Account Specialists will teach your users how to¬†use our appointment section in order for the required form to print. The technicians would create an appointment for each customer entering in their name, vehicle, varying problems, phone numbers, and the appointment time. Once all of these are filled out and the technician saves the appointment, the required form will then pull up for them in a printable version to give to the customer. Some information will need to be filled in manually such as the labor rate and whether or not it would be an hourly rate charged to the customer or a flat rate. Having this as part of the Service and Parts package saves a lot of time by not having to manually create this form every time a customer comes to your auto repair shop and most importantly, it’s just another benefit of joining the Deal Pack Pro family.

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