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Deal Pack Offers Forms Backed by Wolters Kluwer

To make the decision on which DMS software is best for your company is no easy task. An important factor in your decision not only lies in the software itself but in the interaction between the software and your customers. A big part of this interaction is in the contracts that are signed and reviewed by the customer. If the form is incorrect or the wrong calculations are made, then your company is liable and may lose the income otherwise earned. Fortunately, Deal Pack now offers forms backed by Wolters Kluwer’s legal guarantee. The mind can now be at ease knowing the information given to the customer is correct according to the law and if the contract is challenged, the good people of Wolters Kluwer’s are willing to fight on your behalf. In addition, every change made by the state is reviewed and the forms are updated accordingly by our staff. Now that the forms are correct, the only thing you need is the deal itself. If consistency and accuracy is what you desire for your forms, then give us a call at 1 (800) 526-5832 and let us create them for your growing business.

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