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Consumer Advice – The Importance of Obtaining a Vehicle History Report

posted on: May-23-2014
by: Amir Dabiri
category: Tips

Ok, so imagine you have been searching the car market for the past month trying to find the best price and the exact car of your dreams. There you are at the dealership, excited that you got such a great deal on the car you wanted. The most important thing to ask yourself is “Why is this car so much lower than here than at all the other dealerships?” This is where a vehicle history reports comes in. The best way to think of a vehicle history report is to think of it like you would your own medical records. No matter if you go to a hospital, doctor, or dentist, you have a medical record. This record sticks to you for life (only difference is your medical record is protected by HIPAA and cannot be shared). Not only do these vehicle history reports tell you about each accident, it also helps you know how many owners and where it came from. More than likely that “great deal” you got was because it was a rental vehicle, it was in a major accident or came from a multiple owner situation.


When selecting a used vehicle in today’s market, one of these vital reports can save you money in the long run. You may be thinking, “Who cares, I am getting a great price regardless.” Well knowing the type of accident a vehicle has been in is important. Maybe you are right, it’s just a little fender bender, but what if there was frame damage? What if they used a sub-standard shop to get the repairs done? Now you are driving this car and BAM something happens; now you have out-of-pocket costs. Rental vehicles tend to be cheaper because, let’s be honest, you have had probably over 30 people in and out of the car driving it like crazy. I’ll be honest, when I rent a car I don’t care about the brakes or tires or accelerating too fast. Why? Because it’s not my car to worry about. I know I am NOT the only one. Another thing to look at is to make sure the miles are accurate. If you are at a dealership just ask to see one, it’s free and your mind will be at ease. Don’t make the mistake that thousands make each year by not checking until it’s too late. So before you sign the dotted line, stop and ask for a vehicle history report. Even if you are buying from a private party that’s ok, just go online and search for vehicle history report and retrieve one. It may cost a little if you pull it yourself instead of the dealership, but it will put your mind at ease!

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