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Considering Online Payments?

Paying bills has never been more convenient thanks to a British scientist creating the World Wide Web in 1989. 56% of Americans pay their bills online according to a study that tracked bill pay habits of consumers. Online payments offer the flexibility to pay anywhere, anytime. Whether stuck in a lengthy line at the store or waiting on that friend who is late to everything, debts can be paid in a matter of minutes without speaking to anyone. This is especially great for those who are unable to call or walk in due to their schedules conflicting with business hours. Making it easier for consumers to make payments may ensure those payments will actually be made.


With Deal Packs integration with eAutoPayment, a link can be added to your current website where customers can view payment history, safely store payment information, and even set themselves up for recurring payments all on the web. This information seamlessly flows into Deal Pack, updating each account accordingly. Payment methods, convenience fees, and customer limitations on the site can be customized to fulfill business preferences. Deal Pack makes it easy to take advantage of online payment opportunities. To learn more about Deal Pack, or to get signed up for our eAutoPayment feature, please contact our support staff toll free at 1-800-526-5832 or by email at

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