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Can I Build a Shared Queue in Deal Pack?

posted on: October-07-2013
by: Deal Pack
category: Features

In order to maximize collection efforts, a company needs the best collection software available to keep customer’s information organized and up to date.  Deal Pack already offers a great Collections module filled with many filtering options and convenient tools to make contacting customers quick and easy.  A new innovation recently released by Deal Pack now allows the collectors to work in a shared collection queue.


With the new shared queue option, collectors can work on the same list of customers no matter where they are or which Deal Pack they are logged on to, by simply logging to a queue created by the supervisor.  Once a collector has started working on an account, it is locked from access by other collectors, preventing employees from working on the same account twice.  Once all the customers in a shared queue have been worked and their information updated, the queue is completed and a new one can be created.  The collectors do not have the ability to create a shared queue so the supervisor can have peace of mind knowing the collectors are working on the correct customers and not skipping any accounts in the process.  Now that the communication between collectors is maximized, collections can be maximized and profits increased.


If you would like more information regarding shared collections queues, give us a call today at 1-800-526-5832 and get your collectors in sync.

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