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BHPH Industry: How Can I Make More Money?

posted on: October-18-2013
by: Deal Pack
category: Tips

Used car sales can be very irregular, where sales can occur nonstop for some periods of time and at other times not really occur at all. This inconsistent revenue can create pressure on the other functions of a dealership. If you do not already have a servicing department, the thought may have already occurred to start one up. But the added uncertainty of sales in that department may have already discouraged this idea. You think, never mind that thought.


While sales in a servicing department may be seemingly unpredictable, there is a consistently growing market that can be targeted through this department. This market is the accessories aftermarket, where people are able to individualize their cars. By offering car accessories, even people who did not buy a car from you will be able to come to you for some of their car’s aftermarket needs.


Not only can tapping into this market increase the revenues your servicing department would normally receive, it may increase the total profit margin per car.  Accessories tend to offer a more generous marginal profit than cars do themselves. By offering accessories at the time of purchase, customers that would not have known about an available customization might add it to their purchase, increasing your total sales.  Customers that may have already known about the available customization might find it more convenient to go ahead and get it when they purchase their car, thus giving you a part of the market share that might have previously belonged to other third party shops.


The ability to add features to a car on a lot may also increase customer appeal when cars on your lot are having a difficult time selling. Whether the customer is more attracted to the car due to its customization, or you offer a marginal enhancement to seal a sale, this capacity can be very helpful to any dealership that does not already utilize it.


Should you decide to start a Service and Parts Department, the best part about it is that Deal Pack is there to support you from the beginning. Deal Pack Service & Parts is able to fully integrate with the Deal Pack you use for your Sales Department. You will be able to keep track of parts inventory, keep track of parts you add to your sales inventory vehicles, and share customer information between the two departments. To quench your curiosities and learn about additional benefits, do not hesitate to call 800-526-5832 for demo!

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