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BHPH DMS: How to improve insurance tracking

Deal Pack has many features available that make it quick and easy to manage customer insurance tracking. However, what if your business is moving locations and you must notify the insurance carrier of every customer of your new location. With only a couple of agencies to notify, this may be a piece of cake, however, when your active accounts begin to reach the hundreds, this task becomes more daunting.

Never fear, Deal Pack has a quick and easy solution to answer this occurrence! Follow these 3 steps, and notifying the hundreds of parties involved, goes from a time consuming project to a few clicks of a button.

1)      Draft the letter – This will be the letter notifying the insurance agency that your address will be changing, requesting that all mail now be forwarded to the new address (the simplest way is to create this letter in Microsoft Word). Be sure to leave out specifics, such as insurance company address, name, and customer information.

2)      Contact a Deal Pack Support Team Member – Your created letter will be forwarded to a Deal Pack Support Team member for programming.

3)      Build Your Queue and Print – Now that your created letter is programmed and available for use, simply use Deal Pack’s Collections module to build a customer queue, select your letter, and print!

Each letter will be customized with individual customer and insurance name, contact information, and policy information. The only thing that’s left is to place the letters in an envelope, stamp, and mail!

This is a very specific example of how Deal Packs document programming can be used during the normal course of business. If you’re in this exact situation, or of if you need to mass print and send a different type of letter, but you don’t know how, just contact a Deal Pack Support Specialist at 800-526-5832 and we’ll get you on your way!

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