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Automatic ACH and One Time ACH Pay By Phones

posted on: February-25-2014
by: Amir Dabiri
category: Features

Are you tired of manually posting 50 ACH payments each and every day for your recurring customers? What if I told you that you no longer need to do that? Why waste an hour a day posting each payment individually when Deal Pack Pro can do it for you with just a push of a button. Deal Pack Pro is integrated with Paytek Solutions and can ease the pain of entering payments for recurring ACH customers. Deal Pack Pro also has the ability to do unlimited check by phone payments. So the next time you get a call from someone stating I’ll send a check, just tell them you can run it manually over the phone. All you have to do is enter the routing # and checking # and you’re all set. Call our Support Team today at 800-526-5832 for a brief demonstration on how it all works. Stop wasting an hour a day posting when it can be done in seconds. Remember time is money!

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