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10 Reports you didn’t know Deal Pack has available

1.    Advertising Report- This report allows you to keep track of where your prospects are coming from. It contains zip code specific information so that you know where to focus your advertising.


2.    Potential Profit Report– Use this report to get an estimated gross profit on all of your unsold inventory should you sell those vehicles at the retail price.


3.    Police Book – This report is available for those customers in certain states who are required to submit a Police Book to the proper agency.


4.    Missing Title Report– This report will give you a list of all those customers in Deal Pack that are missing title information.


5.    Performance Report– Track your collectors performance with this report. See what percentage is being collected and by which collector on this report.


6.    No Activity Report– Another great way to keep track of your collections department is to make sure all past due accounts are being handled. This report will give you a list of accounts that have not been touched for the specified number of days entered.


7.    Late Charge History– Wondering why some of your customer’s accounts have partial payments on them? The Late Charge History report breaks down the late fees collected per customer, allowing you to see what part of the payment went to late fees. 


8.    PTP Report– Keep track of those customers who continue to make a promise to pay. You can view the amount and percentage of promises kept or promises broken. This report will help you decide whether you want to continue accepting a customer’s PTP.


9.    Refinance Report– If you need to see a list of all those accounts that have been refinance during a specific period of time, use this report.


10. Export Customer Data– Don’s see a specific report you are looking for? Use the Export Customer Data utility to create your own custom report that can be saved and exported to Excel!

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