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Texting is a must for your Collections Process.

One new feature we added to our robust Collections Module is Two-Way SMS Texting. Two-way texting will be a very powerful tool to add for your collectors. There are a few reasons why you need to add texting to your collections process. Firstly, texting has become the number one way of communication. No one likes to talk on the phone, especially if it is someone calling to collect a payment or a number they don’t recognize. You could always leave a voicemail, but voicemails are not very effective since many people won’t listen to it or if they do, it might be hours after and chances are they won’t call back. Second, you may send out emails to your customers’ days before their payment is due, but majority of customers are not going to open that email. Sometimes, people can receive over 100’s of emails a day and it’s easy to miss or ignore.

Seriously, who doesn’t text? Text messages have an open rate of 95%. That’s simply incredible! You can send a quick text message to remind customers they have a payment due and you can almost guarantee each customer will read it. You can even send your payment link inside the text and with majority having smartphones, they can easily click the link and make a payment. With our new enhancement the customer can even respond to the text and you will receive it inside of the Deal Pack Pro Collections Module. They can quickly respond to the text telling you their situation or they can even make a promise to pay. You are far more likely to get a response from a text then a phone call or email.

Texting is the most effective and efficient way to get in contact with a customer to make a payment. It will increase your communication, increase customer retention and most of all increase the collection of payments.

Collections is an important part of your business and you are going to want the most effective way to communicate with your customers. To learn more about Deal Pack Pro or get signed up for Two Texting please contact our support staff toll-free at 1-800-526-5832.




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