Online Backup

The preservation of your sales and finance data is priceless. Your Deal Pack data is safely transferred and backed up on scheduled basis in case of disaster recovery.

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions safely back up data
  • Deal Pack’s Online Backup Service is designed exclusively for Dealerships and Finance Companies
  • An up-to-date backup of Deal Pack sales and finance data is fundamental to safeguarding your business
  • In the event of an outage, having up-to-date backups will instill a sense of confidence and ensure business continues uninterrupted
  • Data is transferred every night to our backup server with archival storage for 30 days
  • After registering for the Online Backup Service, ABCoA’s support engineers install the necessary software on your computer
  • The software is configured to transfer data to ABCoA’s secure servers at a specific time every evening
  • The only requirements are a high-speed Internet connection and to leave your computer / server running at the end of each day
  • In the event of a hardware failure, simply contact ABCoA’s dedicated support engineers who will get you back up and running quickly
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Platform Windows SQL Windows Access Windows SQL
Support 9-6pm, M-F E-mail 9-6pm, M-F
Training In-house, On-site, Web Tutorial In-house, On-site, Web
Deal Pack Pricing $50/user/month Free $50/user/month